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Top 5 Plant Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

In light of the holiday season, there is never a better time to provide those dear to you with a token of your appreciation. Luckily, there are many plant gifts that are remarkable in their ability to both surprise the recipient and not cost you a fortune. These plant gift ideas consist mainly of plants that you can find in Miami, Florida. You can also shop for these alluring plant presents online at, where your horticultural needs will always be met.

What to gift someone who loves plants

1. Snake plant

Likely one of the most resilient plants, Snake plants will valiantly resist those who do not possess a green thumb. Even if unintentionally, this plant does not penalize its owner for forgetting to water it. On the contrary, this plant is better off being watered less than needed, as too much water can damage it. For any beginner, with partial shade and periodic watering when the soil is dry, this plant gift idea is definitely a suitable present that will likely stand out from the rest.

2. Pothos plant

Embodying a unique, diverse structure, the Pothos plant elegantly embellishes a household’s ambiance in many shades. Its luscious vines complement any style of pot, while almost catering to its shape. Although often differing in shapes and colors, its ideal sun exposure does not. For this plant gift idea, you’ll want to make sure that the recipient knows to always keep their pothos plant in dim to bright, indirect sunlight.

3. Swiss Cheese Plants

Normally, holes in any present are frowned upon, but this plant repurposes them in a manner that portrays them as bold and luxurious. This plant instantly creates an identity of its own, giving any home a quirky personality. What else makes these a great plant gift idea? These plants do not require constant maintenance, unlike their appearance would suggest.

4. Chinese Evergreens

Like the Pothos plant, Chinese Evergreens exhibit versatility in the colors and designs their leaves illustrate. This plant would be a gift that keeps giving, as it flowers periodically, making it that much more appealing. Any individual would appreciate this plant’s aesthetic—especially since they can be conveniently placed indoors, with dim to bright sun exposure.

5. ZZ Plants

Yet another sturdy, persistent plant, the ZZ plant thrives even if occasionally neglected. Being a much more traditional-looking plant, this would be a great plant gift idea for those you probably would not describe as rambunctious. This classy plant is an ideal piece for the office, or anywhere at home.

Plant Gift Ideas Wrapped Up

These were just a handful of plants that we selected as great presents due to their unique look and simple care. If you’re looking for other plant gift ideas, feel free to check out our product page for a full lineup of all that Planted Casa has to offer! Keep in mind that unless your friend or family member is experienced growing plants, the best gift you can give is usually something easy to take care of.

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