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Everything you need to know about online plant stores

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Plant shops and nurseries are no exception to the massive surge in online shopping caused by excessive quarantining. However, just because there are thousands of online plants stores on the internet, doesn’t mean that each one will meet all of your horticultural needs. If it is at all possible to cater your vision to a plant nursery online, then that’s exactly what Planted Casa intends to do, aside from providing some of the most uniquely designed plants in Miami.

So what should you keep an eye on when it comes to shopping for your precious plants online? Firstly, when dealing with any online plant store, it is important that you distinguish what kind of business they are. Do you think their products are mass-produced? Do you think they provide the interpersonality you seek? These are important questions to consider because they ultimately reflect the kinds of products you get.

Transactional versus experiential online plant stores

Many companies focus on sheer volume. Their goal is to sell as many plants as possible, often ignoring other important areas in the product exchange that need attention. A company that has mass-produced products, is likely just in the business to sell and generate revenue. Although this is a fairly understandable objective, it often forfeits a more meaningful purpose, one that brings a larger impact to customers. To add to that, when profits are of the essence, companies are willing to flip through countless legal loopholes when it comes to providing the advertised product.

When it comes to plants, for example, over-fertilizing is a red flag that you should be vigilant of because it practically sets your plant up for failure, due to its short-lived flourishing effect. Many plant shops and nurseries employ this practice in order to entice customers with a gorgeous plant that later may dry, yellow, and or have stunted growth. Pro tip: If you ever encounter a plant you suspect has been over-fertilized, place it somewhere where you can run ample water through it, rinse it, and then drain the excess.

If you’re looking for a business that doesn't practice deceptive mass-production tactics and has a more personal touch, then you may have to dig a little deeper than the first page of Google search results. There are several plant boutiques that really value their customers and provide the best plant experience possible, but they are few and far between. One of those is Planted Casa, a Miami-based shop with an online plant store that takes pride in going the extra mile for its customers. Whether it is finding the right decorative pot for your living room or providing you with the answers to your pressing plant care questions, Planted Casa is there every step of the way.

Online plant stores and customer service

The kind and quality of customer support an online plant store provides is an important factor to take into consideration. In general, this is a rule of thumb for most companies, as it speaks volumes to the kind of service they truly provide. Planted Casa’s mission statement entails providing a customized, affordable, and supportive plant purchasing experience. That being said, what is it that truly sets Planted Casa apart from its competition? For starters, Planted Casa’s products are given identities that customers relate to, being attracted to them for that reason.

Unlike traditional stores, Planted Casa keeps their plants in their suited environments, protecting them from warehouse climates that weaken them. Lastly, Planted Casa, as well as a handful of other online plant stores, provide their customers with collaborative assistance that not many others do. This is the extent of Planted Casa’s efforts to provide consumers with a memorable experience.

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